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We are exclusive distributors for:

¨ Bay West – Janitorial Supplies
¨ Sigma – Stretch Wrap Products
¨ Shurtape – Pressure Sensitive Tape
¨ R.D. Plastics – Custom Poly Bagging & Sheeting
¨ Boise - Business & Office Paper

We specialize in establishing relationships with customers where we are their first source for Paper, Packaging, Chemicals, Food Service and Custom Converting.

We value our ties with our manufacturers for there
truly is a reason for the middleman as we place the manufacturers’ goods in the hands of the end user.

Our Diversity

We are distributors of Paper,
Paper Packaging, Chemicals,
Food Service and Custom Converting
in the NW region of Georgia..

We sell both the Packaging Machinery as well as the consumables thus allowing us an ongoing relationship with our customers. We also provide service and preventative maintenance by factory-trained technicians.
Our delivery routes on our own PaperPack trucks stretch approximately 90 miles radius from Rome and include all of Northwest Georgia, Southeast Tennessee, and Northeast Alabama. We also sell products and deliver to customers all over the United States and Canada using common carriers, UPS, and Fed Ex.

Our Aim

We are committed to doing everything possible to expanding our product offering and broadening our customer base as we continue to find ways to facilitate our customers’ growth.
Above all, we enjoy doing this business plus the challenges and relationships with people on an ongoing basis. After all Business is about People.